How It Works

Below the Pin is an incorporated registered Social Golf Club affiliated with Golf Link, Golf Australia and Golf South Australia. As a result we are able to issue official Golf Link Handicaps to our members across Australia.

How can we do this?

As a result of the recent changes to the handicap system in Australia, Golf Australia has made it possible for Incorporated Affiliated Social Clubs like ourselves to be an Official Golf Link Handicap administrator. For more information on the changes on the new GA Handicap system and Slope visit Golf Australia.

How do I get my initial Handicap?

Here are 3 easy ways to get your initial handicap:

  1. Play 3 social rounds with someone who has a handicap
  2. Play 3 social comps at any course. See the Golflink website for courses and dates, or ask at your local course. most courses run several a week.
  3. If you play at a course regularly enquire at the Pro shop and they will be able to assist in verifying your initial 3 rounds.

Once you have completed your 3 rounds...

Do Social Rounds Count?

Yes, and we are one of the only social clubs to allow unlimted rounds! As long as you are playing with someone who has a Golf Link handicap so they can verify your round and you follow the steps below...

  1. Pre-Nominate your social round
  2. Complete your Scorecard
  3. Upload your Scorecard

Where can I play?

Any course in Australia. BTP is working on being able to offer significant green fee discounts for courses across Australia. Have you heard of Slope ratings? Slope ratings ensure all courses are comparable.


Sign Up Process

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